Mauricio Rubio
Mauricio Rubio has been involved in photography since age 8, when he was given a camera by his uncle, Pablo Martinez Monsivais. He began taking pictures of everything in sight, enchanted with the translation of objects captured from real life. During a junior year photo class, he fell head over heels, and from that point on, he was immersed.
Mauricio is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, officially majoring in photography with a concentration in photojournalism. His first experience with a professional photographer was during an internship in Washington, D.C. at John Harrington Photography in 2005. Following that, he interned in D.C. at McClatchy-Tribune wire service in 2006, and spent a summer interning at the Baltimore Sun in 2007. He has been freelancing for the Chicago Tribune since October 2007, and recently joined Patch.com Mauricio's photography strives to bridge the gap between people from all races, creeds, and walks of life, breaking the silence and opening the dialogue within.
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