What Medical Doctors Don't Know...

An explanation of the amount of Medical doctors prescribing drugs without knowing all the research, studies and facts.

Americans consume 25 million drugs per hour...  We make up 5% of the world's population but consume 62% of the world's drugs.  Our GDP for 2012 might exceed $3 trillion dollars.  We are ranked 37th out of 42 when it comes to the top 42 industrilized nation's health status. 

If drugs were the answer, we would be the number one health care system in the world... BUT WE ARE NOT...  I am curious to know if medical doctors are waking up to this HEALTH CRISIS we have on our hands.  We do not have HEALTH CARE in AMERICA, but instead, we have SICK CARE.  


Medical Doctor Speaks on TED about Doctors Not Knowing

Properly prescribed medication kills over 125,000 people per year which moved up to the third largest deaths per year in the United States.  

Here is a video from a medical doctor who has awaken from the constant misleading stats from big Pharma.  For example, cholesterol medication called, Lipitor, has been stated to help with lowering cholesterol and improving heart health.  When you look at the actual studies, Lipitor is only 1% effective and you have a better chance of damaging your heart and increasing your chances of heart failure...  Why is not the public where prescriptions in America are 29 million per year, not aware of this?  

The question comes down to, "Do you want to continue having FAKE fixes to where you think you are fine but in all reality, it is only a band-aid effect?" OR "Do you want to find out what the cause is, how it got there and what you can do to fix the root cause of the problem?"  

Enjoy the video and have a wonderful, safe and amazing Thanksgiving to you and your family!  

Until next time,

BE well... LIVE well... The CHOICE is yours...

Dr. Vic Manzo Jr.


Wellness Coach/Advisor

National Speaker

Creator and Host of Wellness Smart Radio












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