Two LTHS Seniors Score Perfect ACTs

Two girls, from Indian Head Park and La Grange respectively, aced the college entrance exam with perfect 36’s.

Two members of the Lyons Township High School class of 2013 achieved perfect scores on their ACT college entrance exams this year, the Doings La Grange reports.

According to the paper, Jaime Duncan of Indian Head Park and Rachel Adducci of La Grange each have achieved the top possible score of 36. LT earns a plaque for each student who achieves the milestone—as many as eight in 2010, and at least one every year since 2002, the paper said.

“I was hoping to improve on that when I took the test again in June for the writing portion to apply to certain schools,” Duncan told the paper. “I went in with the mind set it’s important; I tried to do my best, and it worked out. Yeah, I was definitely surprised.” 

“I didn’t know I’d do that well. No one knows that,” said Adducci in the article. “It was a lot of luck and a lot of hard work.”

Read the full story at the Doings La Grange website.

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