Remember—Three Day Weekend! Schools Closed for Presidents' Day

All La Grange/Western Springs-area schools are closed, and many workers are also off. Did you know that Presidents' Day is still officially called Washington’s Birthday—even though it isn’t?

You know what the best type of Sunday is? One that feels like a Saturday, because you have Monday off!

All school districts in the La Grange, Western Springs, La Grange Park, etc. area have Presidents' Day designated as an off-day: that includes Districts 95, 101, 102, 105 and 106 as well as St. John of the Cross, St. Francis Xavier and Nazareth Academy.

Enjoy it! 

While we’re at it, here’s a few facts about Presidents' Day, taken from the History Channel’s website:

  • The holiday is still officially called “Washington’s Birthday,” but it hasn’t been celebrated on Feb. 22—Washington’s actual birthday—since a 1971 act designed to move more holidays to Mondays was passed.
  • Washington’s birthday was signed into law as a District of Columbia holiday in 1879 by president Rutherford B. Hayes, and became a federal holiday in 1885.
  • During the Great Depression, newspapers often splashed pictures of Washington on their covers on Feb. 22 as a patriotic stirring against the harsh difficulties of the era.
  • The date of Feb. 22 was also used in 1932 to bring back the Purple Heart decoration, which Washington himself created.
  • The shift to “Presidents' Day” in the American mind came because the “third Monday in February” date fell between Washington’s birthday and Abraham Lincoln’s birthday (Feb. 12), a concept bolstered by marketers looking for a sales gimmick (a legacy that remains today.)

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