Lyons Township High School Votes to Eliminate Class Ranking

District considering adopting college cum laude model to recognize honor students, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Lyons Township High School Dist. 204 voted to do away with class rankings during the board of education’s Monday meeting.

Starting with the class of 2017, students will no longer be ranked according to their grade point averages, nor will there be a  valedictorian or a salutatorian, the Chicago Tribune reported.

The school will also start reporting its top, mean and bottom level grade point average on the school’s profile. Also under consideration is adoption of an alternative cum laude college model to recognize honor students.

D204 Superintendent Timothy Kilrea told district trustees than many high schools in the area have dropped the class ranking system, the paper said. College admissions officials also place less importance on class rank.

Other high school districts that have dropped the class ranking system include Hinsdale, Arlington Heights, Lake Zurich, Naperville, Deerfield and Highland Park.

School officials said the GPA ranking at the large high school of 4,000 students, can skew some good students achievements.

All but one school board member voted in favor of the proposal. Dist. 204 Trustee George Dougherty called the proposal “excessively rigid” and may hurt students chances of getting into colleges without a way to demonstrate their class rank, the Tribune reported.

"We should try to help and empower students trying to obtain their goals, not restrict them unnecessarily," Dougherty said.

Read the rest of the Chicago Tribune story.

Richard Biondi May 21, 2014 at 09:10 AM
Is this more of the "feel good" self-esteem booster-ism that began in the 70s? Or is it the "equality" movement? What is clear is that American educational achievement has taken a nose dive since the 50s...remember back when the United States was numero uno in the world in math and science? Maybe the board should take a vote to cease ranking our students against those from other countries. Think of all the embarrassment we could be spared.
Kevin May 21, 2014 at 01:13 PM
If eliminating personal statistics like class-ranking is a good idea, then why aren't we seeing the same trend in sports? These schools haven't stopped tracking runs-batted-in, rushing yards, shots on goal, etc. I don't think this recent shift is due to self-esteem or equality, I think it's a way for our public education system to hide the lousy job that they have been doing.
Kevin May 21, 2014 at 12:58 PM
Class rank helps the stronger students clearly define themselves - eliminating class rank helps to hide the weaker students. Across the country, schools are eliminating class rankings, honors recognition nights, etc., ostensibly to protect the feelings and sensitivities of these weaker students (like not keeping score in sports). In reality, these schools are trying to cover-up the lousy teaching job that they have done. These poor students are being set-up for a life of painful discovery once they leave their cocoon-schools and enter the real world where employers have no qualms about clearly distinguishing between qualified and non-qualified employees.


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