LTHS Considering North Campus Turf Field, Other Projects

District 204 is looking at four potential projects, also including expanding the North Campus cafeteria and renovating the Reber Center.

Lyons Townshp High School has enlisted DLA Architects to examine the cost and benefits of four improvement projects to the school’s campuses, which would be funded by bond issue, The Doings La Grange reports

According to the paper, the school is considering replacing the grass for one of the West Field (La Grange) soccer fields with artificial turf, as well as renovating the North Campus’ Reber Center, expanding that campus’ cafeteria and upgrading the fire alarm system there and at South Campus.

The improvements are hypothetical at this point; “none of these have been voted on and none of them have been approved,” board member Thomas Cushing told the paper. 

Read the full story at the Doings La Grange website.

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Mouse January 24, 2013 at 05:34 AM
Oh goodie, more taxpayer money pissed away by this bloated, overfed school district. Just say no.
Joseph R. Martan January 24, 2013 at 08:33 PM
I agree with Mouse. Of the four proposed projects only the upgraded fire alarm system has merit. The others are "fluff." Besides, wasn't the Reber Center completely redone just a few years ago? And while we are at it, just how much use does that second swimming pool really get? In these times my advice to the district 204 School Board is to forget about bond issues, live within the funds you have, and quit looking for "bragging rights" projects.
J. Andrew Stables February 15, 2013 at 12:59 PM
Hopefully, the school will only do what they see as necessary. As a recent grad, I can tell you that the Reber Center hasn't been renovated since the '70s and the North Campus Cafeteria could use some good remodeling. As far as the soccer fields go, LT hosts tons of events each year on those fields, many of which are through other groups that pay the district a good some to do so. Thus, I think that adding a turf field is only a consideration for how to cut down on long-term maintenance costs.


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