Rep. Renée Kosel: Same Sex Marriage Bill is Hot Topic in the House

The bill to legalize same sex marriage has stirred a debate among legislators on both sides of the aisle.

While only one Senate Republican voted in favor of the same sex marriage bill that gained approval of the Illinois Senate, Rep. Renée Kosel, R-New Lenox, foresees significant debate in the House of Representatives.      

"It's a bipartisan issue. I'm not supporting it," she said, but the bill has advocates on both sides of the aisle. "I haven't done a head count, but it's close," said Kosel, who represents the  37th District, serving all or portions of New Lenox, Mokena, Frankfort, Tinley Park and Orland Park.  

Personally, Kosel said the bill runs counter to her faith. At the same time, what concerns her is how the bill would affect religious organizations. The legislation becomes problematic in regard to the religious liberty of church organizations. There are questions about the bill's potential to infringe on the rights of organizations' basic beliefs by refusing protections that limits property use policies.

Speaking of the issue of religious liberties, the sole Republican to vote in favor of the bill on Feb. 14, Bloomington's Sen. James Barickman, addressed the matter in story in the Pantagraph. "The language in the amendment preserves those religious liberties that are so important to so many people.”

Sen. Michael Hastings, an Orland Hills-based Democrat whose 19th legislative district stretches from New Lenox to Matteson, voted in favor of the bill.

Hastings was one of 34 senators in a bipartisan vote to advance Senate Bill 10 to the Illinois House – a bill that redefines the state’s definition of marriage.

“This is a controversial issue that I did not take lightly,” Hastings said. “But after speaking with constituents and community leaders, it was clear that a majority supports marriage equality.”

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Ann Piasecki February 24, 2013 at 03:32 PM
Hi Folks, Please keep in mind that this is not the place for personal attacks. They won't go up.
laura February 24, 2013 at 07:54 PM
@ Lori C.: Exactly what would be ironic about praying to Jesus for the Jews and many others that the Nazis tried to exterminate? I see nothing ironic about that. Don't make the mistaken assumption that Jews don't believe Jesus existed or was a good person. Jews generally do not believe Jesus was the Messiah. So, please enlighten me: where is the irony in praying to Jesus about a horrid act against humanity?
Mike Dees February 24, 2013 at 08:55 PM
Oh, wow. Your god doesn't sound very pleasant. I hope there isn't opposition, a devil or something, in the equation. How would you tell them apart?
Lori C February 24, 2013 at 10:52 PM
WOW Laura did you get up on the wrong side of the bed or what? You yourself said Jews generally do not believe Jesus was the Messiah.The irony is, I'm praying to what I believe to be the Messiah. You don't think it's a little ironic that when a Christian prays for a Jewish friend they are praying to "something" that Jews don't believe in? My Jewish friends lightheartedly "tease" me about it all the time. I ask Him that we (the world) never forget the terrible, terrible acts that were bestowed upon them and others. The reason I kept thinking about this thread is because German authorities persecuted homosexuals and others whose behavior did not match prescribed social norms........Hummmm It's a shame how many "Christians" on this thread seem to forget history and the lessons it's TRIED to teach us time and time again.... :-(
laura February 25, 2013 at 03:25 AM
A Lori C.: No, I do not at all consider it ironic that you pray to Jesus for your Jewish friends. True open-mindedness does not assume that Jews would reject, be offended by or think anything untoward of your gracious offer of help via your prayers. That is my point: We all can use it from whatever well-intended source is willing to offer that help, whether via prayers, good karma or simply open-mindedness Got up on the wrong side of the bed? Nope, just curious why anyone, including Jews, would think it is ironic that a Chrisitian would pray for one of a different religious background. I see nothing unusual about that whatsoever. Makes perfect sense. Given my own multi-religious background and upbringing, I can speak from both sides of that issue quite well. It all boils down to respect for all religions and their constructive intent and for all people, not just those who agree with your beliefs. Cheers!


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