LaGrange Park To Seek Bids from Electrical Suppliers

With rising energy costs village officials caution residents not to expect same savings under current electrical aggregation contract.

The Village of LaGrange Park will seek bids from electrical suppliers in consideration of renewing the LaGrange Park’s electrical aggregation program, the village announced on its website.

LaGrange Park entered into a contract with First Energy Solutions to supply residents and small businesses with energy at a rate of 4.93 cents per kilowatt-hour, a rate significantly lower than rates offered by ComEd in July 2012.

Residents who were not already enrolled with an alternative provider and who did not choose to opt-out of the program were automatically enrolled. The current contract is set to expire in September.

According to the village, as of April 2014, residents and small businesses that have participated in the program have saved over $975,000 collectively.

With First Energy’s contract set to expire, the village will seek bids from electrical suppliers on June 24. While electrical prices have continued on a strong upward trend and it is unlikely the village will see the savings is has under the current contract, LaGrange Park officials said.

Soliciting bids will allow the village to determine if it is worthwhile to continue with the program, or if residents should be released back to ComEd for service.  For those residents currently enrolled in the village electrical aggregation program, residents need not take action as this time.

Once the village board decides whether or not to renew the program, residents will be notified of their options. Residents currently enrolled with another supplier may receive a solicitation from their supplier urging them to renew their contract. 

For more information about energy aggregation options, contact your supplier directly or the Village of LaGrange assistant village manager, Emily Rodman, at 708-354-0115 or erodman@lagrangepark.org.

Visit the Village of LaGrange Park website to learn more about the village's current electrical aggregation program.

Source: Village of LaGrange Park

Should LaGrange Park renew the energy aggregation program? Tell us in the comments. 


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