Thieves Stealing La Grange Park Sewer Grates

The La Grange Park Police Department said that five village sewer grates have vanished since the end of November

Five sewer grates, together valued at more than $1,000, have disappeared from La Grange Park streets since late November, the La Grange Park Police Department reported on Thursday. The incidents are believed to have taken place in the early morning hours.

The department said that most of the thefts in La Grange Park have involved rectangular crates along a curb, but that there is the possibilty that thieves might also take a manhole cover, leaving a dangerous pit in the road.

Similar thefts have been reported in Westchester, Forest Park, Broadview, North Riverside and Hillside.

"In the Hillside incident, a witness reported seeing two vehicles occupied by [men] taking the covers and placing them in two vehicles: a black Cadillac Escalade and a red Chevy Tahoe," a LGPPD press release said.

The Doings Western Springs said that the thefts were reported from Castle Circle, Robinhood Lane and the corner of 30th Street and Robinhood Lane on Thursday. Two earlier such thefts came from the corner of Spring and Oak avenues and the corner of 28th Street and Beach Avenue.

“It’s very aggravating when you know they’re being stolen to be sold as scrap, and the junk yards will take them," deputy police chief Phil Kubisztal told the paper.

Police encouraged residents and anyone else to report any suspicious activity by dialing 911.


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