Spitting in a Cop's Face: What the 'After' Photo Looks Like: OMGPD

Wheelchair thieves, a 13-year-old pot king and a classless Porsche driver nabbed by the Bladder Patrol this week in the annals of Crime-N-Shame.

Benjamin Lawton
Benjamin Lawton

Just Another Pretty Face: Aside from the assortment of face and neck tattoos, we're not sure what Benjamin Lawton looked like before he walked into Zelmo's Full Moon Saloon in Joliet. But when he refused to leave (we're sure he was asked nicely), police were called to escort him from Zelmo's, whereupon he allegedly spit in a cop's face. His booking mug features a variety of bumps and abrasions.
> Joliet Patch

You'll Get the Chair for This: A pair of thieves stole a motorized wheelchair from the Elmhurst Kmart. They sped off in the getaway chair, and no one could stop them.
> Elmhurst Patch

Sleepy Firestarter: A Minooka man woke up to find himself surrounded by dreamy firemen ... who'd just doused a fire at a Bolingbrook business. Police believe the man set the fire, then went inside for some beer and a nap.
> Bolingbrook Patch

Eggsacting Revenge: A Glenview house on Monterey Drive was struck with a dozen eggs, damaging just about everything. The homeowner says the damage is permanent. Meanwhile, over on Independence Avenue, a car was pelted with a dozen eggs, too. No word on what might have set off the eggers.
> Glenview Patch

Cheech and Wrong: A 13-year-old boy gave another 13-year-old boy money to buy pot, but instead of returning with a bag of weed, he came back armed with a BB gun and stole the rest of the other kid's money. No, really, we're not making this up. 
> Joliet Patch

Repeat Offender: If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try, try, try, try, and try, try, try again. A guy in a minivan went to the same bank and put paper over the ATM surveillance camera and tried to sneak money out of the machine over and over again.
> Elmhurst Patch

Great Granny: A quick-thinking granny thwarted a grifter's "I'm your grandson and I need bail money" con. Good for her! Do your grandparents a favor and tell them you'll never call them for bail money. Ever.
> Elmhurst Patch

Bladder Patrol: An alert citizen spied a man urinating in an Oak Lawn parking lot before driving away in his Porsche with two pals. The spotter called the cops, followed the Porsche and said he'd press charges. Zero tolerance for reckless bladder release.
> Oak Lawn Patch

And a Dose of Good News! Three dispatchers who helped police find a suicidal woman who dialed 911 and then hung up will receive an award in Glenview. The woman was found lying in the road. 
> Glenview Patch

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Magilla Gorilla April 26, 2014 at 11:04 PM
Resurrected from what... The Devil's Rectum. You were obviously deprived of oxygen when he had your round head up his flaming bun-hole. Guess a little too much inbreeding went on in your family.
Bashhead May 29, 2014 at 04:10 PM
When these "nice" police are called to a scene to ask someone that you ignorant humans all consider a scumbag (due to facial tattoos) they usually don't go in there and politely ask them to leave. They tend to harass, run names, threaten, belittle, etc. The only people that know what happen are the people that were involved. Beating someone (anyone, tattooed face, bums, middle class, Female, Fellow officer, ANYONE) up because they spit in your face is not the legal way to properly arrest someone. If the cops did this to him, which I am not necessarily saying they did, then it was a tad bit of overkill, 100% it would be considered excessive force... I mean cops are there to help, right? How is beating the crap of of someone helping anyone? would if he needed assistance on a separate occasion? and the cops just look at him like you guys do? as a "drunk scumbag?" Do you think the cops should help anyone/everyone? Or just people of a certain rank? I just don't understand how ignorant people can justify certain things. Yeah, cops have a tough job that they trained for when they signed up. BUT they were taught the law, and many different ways to control out of control "criminals" they do tend to abuse their power, and if anyone disagree its because they haven't had to deal with the police in a situation where belittling due to some type of discrimination because you're "different" is involved. Not everyone wants to blend into the "Norm" And to the dummy that said AIDS is a saliva based disease... you are wrong... get you're facts... it is contracted by blood to blood and obviously they weren't too worried about that while making his face gush with blood. Unless they had time to put their premeditated gloves on. If the cops weren't the ones that beat him up then why didn't the other guy get arrested for assault? And if the cops were the ones that beat him up, they should be suspended for this. But they wont be. Because the police like to pick and choose the people that need to be protected.
Benny G. May 30, 2014 at 03:18 PM
John Burges the convicted felon and former Chicago police detective only TORTURED his perps into confessing to murders they never committed. It only cost the City of Chicago $20 million dollars, the execution and death of non guilty men, the freeing of many death row inmates on false tortured confessions and a moratorium on Capitol Punishment in the State of Illinois. Other than that, most cops are good cops...LOLZ
Resurrected June 01, 2014 at 09:49 AM
Spit in an Officers face , face the consequences!
Resurrected June 01, 2014 at 09:51 AM
Resist and fight the Police you'll loose!


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