Police Report December Activity, Compare to 2012

The total number of calls taken in 2013 was up about five percent from 2012, while the number of calls taken in December was down about 12 percent. Notable reports included a social worker's report of sexual assault, armed robbery and more.

With a total 1,069 calls, police activity in La Grange was down about 12 percent in December 2013 from December 2012, according to a monthly report from the La Grange Police Department.

While the numbers dipped for the month, the total number of calls taken in 2013, 15,961, was up about five percent from 2012, when police took 15,128 calls, according to the report. 

Police reported 65 compliance citations and nine arrests in December 2013, including one felony arrest, three misdemeanor arrests, one DUI arrest and four juvenile arrests.

Police reported 59 compliance citations and nine arrests in December 2012, including two felony arrests, five misdemeanor arrests, one DUI and one juvenile arrest. 

More stats from the December 2013 police report includes:
  • 103: Traffic citations issued, up from 81 in December 2012 (1,274 for the year, down from 1,427 in 2012)
  • 517: Parking tickets issued, up from 515 in 2012 (7,330 for the year, up from 6,386 in 2012)
  • 7: Number of prisoners held in lockup, representing no change from December 2012
  • 56: Accident reports taken, down from 62 in December 2012 (611 for the year, down from 653 in 2013)
  • $23,605: Revenue generated from parking fines
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Notable reports from December 2013

Social Worker Reports Sexual Assault
A Social Worker from Rush Presbyterian Medical Center reported a patient in their emergency room stating he was sexually assaulted last night in La Grange. Investigators Uher and Ofc Gill were assigned to investigate the case.  

Crash Involving Offender Wanted for Domestic Battery
A crash occurred on the Ogden Avenue Bridge involving an offender wanted for domestic battery in Lyons, IL at 1st and Ogden. After the investigation, a crash report and citations were prepared by Ofc. Wolf. Traffic control was provided by other La Grange police units, La Grange Park PD and Brookfield PD.  

Suicide Threat

Assisted Countryside PD with a 19-year-old male threatening suicide in the area of 1014 So. La Grange Road. 

Assisted the Western Springs PD with a breathalyzer operator for a suspected DUI.  Ofc. Wolf stopped a male driver from Countryside after observing several traffic violations and it appeared that the driver was operating a car while under the influence. Four citations were issued.  

Marijuana Possession
An anonymous caller reported subjects in a vehicle possibly smoking cannabis near 350 S. Kensington. Ofc. Wolf responded and found an 18-year-old male resident of that block in possession of 15 grams of cannabis. He was arrested for possession of cannabis with intent to deliver. 

Intoxicated, Combative Teen
The emergency room at La Grange Memorial Hospital requested assistance for an intoxicated and combative 19-year-old female. Assisting officers were able to calm the patient without further incident.

Runaway Juvenile 
Ofc. Rogers investigated a report of a runaway female juvenile from the 100 block of Washington. Numerous family members were involved in attempting to locate the juvenile and contact was made with her at later date. DCFS was notified since this case involved the juvenile running away from foster home. 

Christmas Decorations Cut 
A vandalism report was made for 147 N. Brainard following the homeowner reporting loud noise in front of her house. Ofc. Herrera responded and found two large inflatable Christmas decorations had been cut by unknown offender.  

Juveniles Arrested for Battery
A battery case at La Grange Road and Ogden Avenue involving 2 juvenile arrests

Child Neglect
A child neglect investigation from the 200 block of Washington 

Marijuana at LT
A possession of cannabis case from Lyons Township High School 

A possession of a controlled substance case from the 1000 block of S. Spring 

2 Juvenile arrests from Battery case at La Grange/Ogden on 12/15  

Armed Robbery of Pizza Driver 
A pizza delivery driver reported that he was approached by a man who grabbed him and pushed him to the ground while demanding his money and while threatening him with a knife. The suspect fled and due to the recent snow fall, fresh shoe prints were observed in the area. Officers followed the prints through the yards, alleys, and streets to a location where the prints ended at a rear door of an apartment building. Officers secured the exterior of the residence and began to identify who resided there. Occupants did not answer the door and refused to exit the building. A nearby resident offered to call a parent from the apartment that was believed to have the offender hiding inside. Brookfield Police sent additional officers to assist with securing the building while Inv. Uher worked on preparing and securing a search warrant. After several hours, the occupants came out and after searching the apartment, Officers secured statements from witnesses and from the suspect. Physical evidence relevant to the case was located, secured, and inventoried for presentation to court. 

Overdose Suspected in Library Bathroom
Police Officers and Fire personnel responded to the Library for a report of a medical problem in the washroom. Further investigation revealed it was a possible drug overdose. The victim was treated and the hospital and arrested for drug paraphernalia. 

Domestic Violence
There were four investigations of domestic violence; on one of the incidents a juvenile was transported to the hospital after making threats of injury. 

Students Report Suspicious Man in Car
It was reported that two female students from Ogden Avenue School were being watched by a subject in a car, but the car was gone upon the officers arrival. 

The full report is available online here.


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