7 Charged in Connection With International Craigslist Fraud Group

Naperville police said a group of Georgia residents have been charged with theft and forgery after they conducted a fraud operation out of Naperville.

Seven Georgia residents were arrested and charged Monday in connection with an international fraud group operating out of Naperville, according to a Naperville Police Department press release. 

After an investigation revealed the group was posting fake listings on Craigslist to commit fraud, police said they arrested Darrick L. Jordan, 23; Sierra S. Chambers, 25; and Jacqueline C. Gibson, 46, all of Decatur, GA, around 1 p.m. Monday.

Police also charged Alicia Y. Jordan, 38, of Clarkston, GA; Rickey L. Gibson, 43, of Atlanta; Decopeland S. Harris, 41 of Conley, GA; and Shanekie D. Head, 28, of Scottsdale, GA. All seven were charged with identity theft and forgery.  

Authorities recovered more than 50 fraudulent money/wire transfers and 62 counterfeit identification cards, as well as numerous passports. A makeshift lab was also found containing computers, specialized printers and fake documents used to create counterfeit IDs, according to the press release.

Police said the group is part of a larger crime group operating out of Eastern Europe.  

The group is currently in custody at the DuPage County Jail.

Martin October 19, 2012 at 08:09 PM
Anyone sending money to a 'friend' on Craigslist deserves to be bilked. It continues to amaze me the levels of depraivity in America...that folks would work this hard to steal other's money.
Jorie J October 19, 2012 at 09:11 PM
I agree, every week there are people who call the police to make a report because they sent money to someone ! But, Smart people get scammed too. READ IF YOU EVER CONSIDER PURCHASING VEHICLES OFF CRAIGSLIST : (unless you can touch the car, don't do it) This is one way they can scam you : You agree to purchase a car from them on craigslist. They then tell you that to purchase it, they will move the sale to Ebay, and make a transaction thru ebay motors because of the safety guarantee's that ebay has in place. THIS IS HOW THEY SCAM YOU : They will get your information and email from you. You go to ebay and look at the item on ebay. It looks legit. Then they send you an email with a "link" to the ebay site. Unless you are very very very on your game ,and realize that you did not actually go to the Ebay site directly, on your own, you could get scammed. Because the email is a fake link. The ebay email will look very real, you will not realize it is not ebay/paypal until it is too late. It is as simple as NOT clicking on the ebay site directly on your own. It is a simple as checking your email, and clicking on a link. Because , also remember at this point, you also think you are getting a decent deal on an item, and your excitement level is pretty high. Normal, everyday, smart people can be scammed. Then there are the people who answer the phone and literally read off their credit card number to someone. That's a whole different type of stupid.
Pro Life Crusader + October 21, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Only simpletons get scammed!


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