What La Grange and Western Springs Are Thankful For...

We asked our Facebook fans to share; here's what people said...

We polled our La Grange Patch and Western Springs Patch Facebook friends to ask what everyone was thankful for this year.

Here's what people had to share as to what they are THANKFUL for:


"GOD, Grace and Mercy!" - Velma Johnson

"Ribs from Q, the elk burger from Nickson's, the carrotcake pancakes from Prasino, and the big honkin' ribeye from Al's! (Hmmm, maybe I need to go get something to eat)" - David Pittman

"My Pension! I hope others will be able to get one in the comming financial era. It makes things like the Al's ribeye possible, like David mentioned. LOL" - Dave Smith

"My wonderful children and grandchildren and my husband of course." - Carol K. Carbray.

"I am thankful & joyful l that I live in America.My family relatives & friends.THANK YOU all who put their lives on line to serve & protect us all." - Mary Kallenborn

"I'm grateful for the gift of life. Every day is precious and should not be taken for granted. I'm very thankful for my husband, family and friends." - Terri Babbini-Murphy

"Our local heroes...the WSFD!!! :)" - Julie Green Kienzle


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