Theater 4 in LaGrange Theatre. Movie: Gravity, 7:30 showing, 1/11/14. 
I am looking for my daughter's scarf which was taken from this theater (accident or stolen) Now you say, "so what? It's just a scarf. Big deal. Not like it's an iPod." It was not just a scarf. I saved up a long time to afford to buy that beautiful soft wool. Not just any wool from Walmart, but really beautiful one of kind wool, dyed and spun in America from small farm sheep. Made by hardworking people. It was expensive. It took me months to find the right colors for my daughter. And months to crochet it. I, her mother, crocheted it for her. No pattern. I wanted it to be one of a kind so I made it up as I went. It was inspired by Dr. Who, my daughter is a rabid fan. So was I when I was a teen. Tom Baker was always my favorite. This scarf took a lot of wool since it was very very long. Moreover, it was a Christmas present. What kind of present is that you say? When kids today get Nintendo DS, X-Box, or Playstation for Christmas. Who the hell gives their kid a scarf? We are not those kind of people, who buy all kinds of crap. My kids weren't raised on expensive toys. But, I made their childhood fun with made up games and art and imagination. My daughter loved that scarf because she knows what it took to buy the wool and make it. Long pain-staking months (literally). Crocheting isn't easy for me. I have arthritis due to Lupus. Google that. It's a sucky disease. But I don't let it stop me. My daughter loved that scarf because it was one of kind, took ages to save up for, ages to make, despite pain and more importantly full of my love. It was designed especially for her. And you took it. Who does that?!? Who steals someone's homemade scarf from a movie theater? If an accident, why didn't you turn it in to theater? OK, so you're all figuring this is a big deal over nothing. But, we are hurt.  It'd be great if you just returned it to the theater for us to pick up. 


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