Fly in My Soup: The Weird Things You’ve Found in Restaurant Food

Readers shared on Facebook some of the strangest, shall we say, additions they've found in meals while dining out.

It’s a terrible moment when you’re chowing down during a nice meal out, and all of a sudden you hear a crunch.

Not the crunch of fresh salad greens or crudité, but something … a little buggy.

From insects to duct tape, we’ve all found something in our food that shouldn’t be there.

The weirdest things I’ve found while eating at a restaurant? Wasps, a plastic cup lid and a marble. And two of those three popped up during the same meal (though granted, the lid was in my dad’s dinner).

Readers shared some of their horror stories on Facebook. We're not naming names, but here are the worst of the worst discoveries:

  • Cindy McDowell Abrahamson: We're not naming names? Part of a cleaning brush in my food. They were not apologetic at all, so I have not been back since.
  • Dawn Marie: A piece of Duct tape in a taco salad.
  • Arlene Tomasetti: A used Band-Aid :0
  • Jan LaPointe: Found a ladybug in the green garnish on a salad . . .
  • Francesca's Bellezza: My husband was at a restaurant that only hires female servers in tank tops...and asked the server if the chili was homemade..she said yes...when he put in his spoon to mix it around..he found the lid to the can!!!!! lol

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever found in your food while eating out? Tell us in the comments!

Ellin Wheelihan May 18, 2013 at 01:37 PM
We were out with friends and I ordered a whole fish. It came with a bandaid neatly smoothed on its side. After two drinks, and not feeling any pain, I said, "aw, he's injured ". This was over 45 years ago and I have never lived it down.
Claudia Byrne May 21, 2013 at 04:15 PM
While dining at a very nice restaurant in a high end hotel I noticed a foreign object in my "fresh" green beans. It was a piece of sharp metal from the lid of the can that the green beans came from!


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