When It's Time to Stock Up for Thanksgiving, What are Your Favorite Stores?

If you're feeding a small army on Thanksgiving day, getting the right food at the right price is a big part of the job. Where do you go?

Somehow my wife always pulls it off: Thanksgiving is hands-down the best meal of the year—great food with family, without the stress of gift-giving. It's all about being together to share a great meal.

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, vegetable casseroles, pies, ice cream—the hot dishes all come out hot and tasting great. Everybody who shows up leaves with leftovers and all that turkey keeps me sleepy for a week.

But before the miracle of the meal comes the shopping. And there are many choices, not only the big supermarket chains, but smaller grocers and specialty shops with their own strengths. Who sells the best meat? The freshest veggies? The best deals for dessert? Maybe you've got a Thanksgiving recipe with a hard-to-find ingredient.

Where do you love to shop? We'd like you to share your Thanksgiving market expertise with other Patch readers. Leave a comment below, or add a review on one of these business listings:

Tell us your Thanksgiving banquet strategy!


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