West Surburban Chamber Welcomes New Executive Director

West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WSCCI) welcomes new executive director at annual holiday luncheon.

Senator Christine Radogno (left) with Ken Grunke, Credit: Courtesy of the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WSCCI).
Senator Christine Radogno (left) with Ken Grunke, Credit: Courtesy of the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WSCCI).

La Grange-area business owners gathered at the La Grange Country Club Dec. 4 to welcome the new West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WSCCI) Executive Director, Ken Grunke, a long-time board member of WSCCI. 

According to a news release from the chamber, "Grunke has sparked a new enthusiasm among chamber members and member wanna-be’s. His demonstrated leadership and passion for the well-being of the Western Suburbs inspired the annual event to an unprecedented attendance level. Grunke’s optimism, and that of those present, bode well for a new era of success for the Chamber of Commerce and its member businesses."

The annual holiday meeting and luncheon marks a change in leadership for the WSCCI Board of Directors. The gavel passed from Dan Halm of Comprehensive Roof Maintenance, to 2014 Chamber Board President Brian Doruff of MB Financial Bank-La Grange Park. Doruff thanked Halm for his leadership and welcomed Grunke.

Doruff said in a statement, “When we talk about building relationships in the community, nobody has done it better than Ken Grunke. He has helped out on every committee and supported every event since he became a chamber member years ago. From my personal experience, his level of engagement has been greater than anyone else I have ever worked with.”

Halm also welcomed Grunke, and shared how he had been chosen to lead the Chamber: “Anyone who has had the chance to work with Ken Grunke will tell you that he would work 25 hours a day if he were allowed to do so. But it is not just his work ethic that stuck out during the search process. It is also his ability to connect with colleagues, volunteers, peers and business leaders with a sincere and infectious enthusiasm," he said. 

The chamber also celebrated Greg DiDomenico of the Community Memorial Foundation for his community leadership, according to the release. DiDomenico, winner of the 2013 WSCCI President’s Award, was at the forefront of building attendance and sponsor support for the event. In his welcome speech, Grunke noted that DiDomenico’s mentorship had been instrumental in guiding him toward this change in his career.

Information courtesy of the West Suburban Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WSCCI).



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