New Yoga Studio Opens Today in Garden Market

La Grange resident Megan Rohde will manage the new elite Western Springs location for the Wheaton-based Yoga by Degrees, which focuses on yoga accessible to all comers.

Founded just a year and a half ago in Wheaton, Yoga by Degrees is already expanding into its second facility, opening today in Western Springs’ Garden Market (Suite 16).

The new venue includes two large mirrored studios, state-of-the-art locker rooms, a retail area in the front of the store and a welcoming vibe. The studios feature odor-free easy-clean floors and adjustable heat.

“We want to share our passion, our love for yoga,” said new Western Springs location manager Megan Rohde, a La Grange resident. “Yoga just has such a beautiful way of bringing people together, which is what we feel really happened at our Wheaton studio.”

Yoga by Degrees holds classes in three styles: Vinyasa, a flowing style, restorative, with longer-held poses, and sculpt, yoga with weights for building tone. Unlike with Bikram-style yoga, classes are held from 78 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and everywhere in between (hence the "by Degrees"), with music being played throughout.

Rohde, who picked up yoga in college five years ago as part of her dance training, said the varying styles and levels of heat and challenge make Yoga by Degrees friendly for beginners while still giving experts a fitting session.

“We really focus on making yoga accessible to everybody. We are really very passionate about that,” Rohde said. “We want everyone to feel welcome and like they can come in and be a part of this community. I think a lot of times people think of yoga as something that you have to be super fit, or that only certain people can do, but it’s really meant for everyone.”

Each class also finishes with each individual getting a cool scented towel—a highlight for many, the owners said.

Yoga by Degrees is launching in Western Springs with 39 classes per week (they have 57 in Wheaton) and expect to add more if interest grows. For newcomers, the first week is free.

“We’re very excited to be here, and we hope that everyone will come and check us out and give yoga a chance,” said Rohde. “It’s definitely a wonderful thing to bring into your life for everyone, every age, every body type, everything!”


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