Chinese Government Delegation Visits McCook Quarry

Officials from China's Liaoning province toured the quarry as part of a trip learning about industry safety.

Vulcan Materials and the McCook Quarry host a lot of earth science demonstrations throughout the year, but rarely for officials of the most populous nation on earth from halfway across the planet.

A government delgation from the Liaoning province of China visited the quarry this week as part of a Chicag-area trip to learn how to better produce construction materials "in a safe and socially responsible banner."

The Chinese toured the facility and quarry, spoke with safety supervisors and were told about fostering employee cooperativity to reduce the danger of injury in a material production workplace.

“This is a very important initiative for the Chinese people,” said Carl Vizza, Director of Professional Learning Programs at the Illinois Institute of Technology, which is assisting with programs for the delegation's Chicago visit, in a press release. “It’s clear they’re interested in safety, and we’re happy to help usher in those practices for them.”

“Our philosophy at Vulcan has always been to breed a culture of safety,” said plant manager Kevin Cox in the release. “[The visit] was a great opportunity to share some of what we do... It’s been a privilege for our team to be recognized by IIT and the Chinese officials.”


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