Bites Nearby: Tavern on LaGrange is an Upbeat Blend of Bands and Beer

Free live entertainment and hip atmosphere will appeal to adults of all ages.

Long day at the office? Girls' night out? Lift your spirits at at 5403 S. La Grange Road in Countryside.

If the word tavern brings up thoughts of a local hangout where the aroma of beer permeates the air and ripped jeans coupled with a college sweatshirt is the apparel of choice, this is not Tavern on La Grange.

The interior ambiance is a mix of night club and restaurant. Adorning the walls are a few over-sized, ‘20s-era murals and the ceilings are high and exposed, lending an industrial motif. It’s dark, except for the glow of the several flat-screen TVs and light fixtures.

In an area where the sports bar reigns, I believe Tavern on La Grange was attempting to fill a void: the need for an upscale bar with weekly live entertainment and a better-than-average menu.

Bar food is pretty universal. Burgers, sandwiches and mozzarella sticks are all present on Tavern’s menu, but you’ll also find many Italian and seafood faves like Chicken Marsala, Tilapia Pomodoro and Clams Linguini.

The Fish Tacos are tasty; however, I expected more from the overall presentation of my meal. Since the look of the bar is upscale, I thought they’d put a little more effort into the food. If you’re a fan of Allen Brothers' gourmet meat, Tavern on La Grange uses the company as its purveyor of steaks and chops. Big plus!

Based on its monthly musical events, you may get the idea Tavern on La Grange is attempting to appeal to every generation. Whether it’s dueling pianos or swing and jazz of the 1930s, there’s something to satisfy everyone’s music preference.

I happened to be there on ‘80s night, when a retro band played some of the most memorable hits of the era. If I'd known in advance, I would have primped with a reckless use of Aqua Net to style my “metal hair.”

Good idea to check out their website for upcoming venues and the weekly drink specials.


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