Bites Nearby: Honey Fluff Donuts Will Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Start your day in Countryside with delicious donuts in a nostalgic setting.

Is there anything better in the morning than the dynamic duo of coffee and a donut? Honey Fluff Donuts at 6566 Joliet Road in Countryside is a throwback to the old fashioned donut shop.

Honey Fluff is reminiscent of the Dunkin’ Donuts I used to frequent in the seventies. This family owned and operated store is simple and unpretentious with a cozy, little, bubble gum pink counter.

Honey Fluff’s version of the deep fried concoction will bring a smile to your face. If you’re a maple frosting fan, you’ll fall in love with this donut after your first bite. It gently dissolves in your mouth with a sweet and fragrant maple syrup flavor.

Their strawberry and raspberry jelly-filled donut is piped in a granulated sugar puff of dough. Moist and delicious, it is the definitive jelly donut. Rather unusual, the Cherry Donut is a cake donut which is dotted with bright red specks throughout the dough. And the taste? Just like a cherry lollipop.

The Double Chocolate donut is a marriage between cake and donut. The ultimate chocolate lover’s comfort food and the dieter's nemesis.

Not a common flavor, the Sour Cream, caught my eye. Its exterior is rough around the edges and the taste is that of a deep-fried pound cake. Too sweet for my tastebuds, it is an awesome selection for the hard-core sweet tooth.

Check out the Manager’s Special from noon to 6 p.m., a dozen donuts for $5.44. and their pumpkin pie slices during the fall.


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