Ask a Stylist: How Do I Find the Right Hair Brush?

In the latest edition of Patch's "Ask a Stylist" series, Salon Hype owner Ross Bartolomei addresses a tool we all have in our arsenal.

Each week on Patch, Salon Hype owner Ross Bartolomei answers a question about the ubiquitous discussion topic that is our hair. 

This week's came from a Patch reader.

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Question: I have very unruly hair and I am wondering how one should choose the best hair brush for his or her type of hair?

Answer: One type does not fit all when it comes to hair brushes. And, in my opinion, selecting the right brush is equally as important as selecting the correct product for your hair. So, not just any brush from the drug store will do! For the past 25 years, I have used only high-quality bore bristle brushes preferably from Italy. The Italians really figured out how to make a brush that won't lose it's bristles, and boar will give you the smoothest look, unlike wire brushes. Wire bristles allow too much hair to pass through its bristle. There are many sizes, but only four sizes that are functional.

For your unruly hair, I would recommend something flat, much like Mason Pearson brush which is hand made in France. So, the French also know a thing or two about hair care! The Mason Pearson, which is a combination of nylon and boar bristle is great for smoothing and blowdrying hair flat and straight. Regarding size, for round brushes the options are two, four and six inches depending on the length of your hair. For short hair use the two or four inch brush. For medium to long, go with the four or the six. Also important, the bristles should be tight together and measure about a half-inch to three-quarters of an inch.

One mistake that many people make is that they don't replace their brushes soon enough. This also depends on the quality of the brush. The Mason Pearson brush could literally last a lifetime.  Brushes of lesser quality should be replaced up to every two years.


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