Yes, Virginia from Western Springs, There Is a Santa Claus

As the following actual letters from 1928 will attest, the third graders at Grand Avenue School were convinced that there was a Santa. The only question was what to ask for.

“Dear S. Claus, North Pole.  It is a whole year since I have written to you. It is time to let you know WHAT I want , as Christmas is near.  (1) doll house, (2) wall black board, (3) auto, (4) roller skates, and (5) a desk.  Virginia, Western Springs

“Dear Santa Claus, I have been very good in school and I am good at home. Please send me a freight outfit for my electric train. Please send me $10 to give to others. Will you send me a mother dog. I would like a pair of ice-skates and a new overcoat.   Dean” 

“Dear Santa, Please bring me a set of dishes. I would like a Bye lo doll and a big doll buggy. I want a big two wheel bike. From your friend, Loretta. “

“Dear Santa, I thought I would write you a letter. How are your reindeers. Are you very busy at you toy shop? I want a pool table and a be-be gun for Christmas. I am going to see you Saterday evening. My father is going to take me in the car.  Your friend, Kennth

“Dear Santa: I thought I would write and tell you what I wanted. So I’ll tell you. I want a saxophone and please may I have a lot of lumber and some tools.  With love, Whitman

“Dear Santa Claus:  I thought I would write you a letter. Will you please give me a sled. There is a hill in front of our house, that is why I want a sled. I think I want one more thing, and that is a pair of ice skates, and that is all I think I will want. I live on Wolf road, Western Springs. I am in the third grade. From, Lawrence. “

“Dear Santa Claus, I thought it would be about time to write you a letter. I know you have lots of children to visit this yerar. Please may I have a dresser and a kitchen cabinet? I guess that is all I want this year. A Merry Christmas to you. Joshhine

“Dear Santa Claus: I thought I would write a letter to you and ask you if you were coming to Western Springs. If you are, will you leave me a walk and talking doll? Will you please fill my stocking. I would like to have a nice big sled and my brother Jack wants a nice big sled, too. From Shirley

“Dear Santa:  I would like some bloks and train and send mother and daddy a auto.  Jean

“Dear Santa: I thought I had better write you a letter because it is so near Christmas so I am writing you now. For Christmas I would like to have  a baby doll and a doll bed. Remember that I live in Western Springs. I still remember you for ever and ever. My mother got a little sweater for my cousin from you . Oh yes, I would like to have a set of Oz books.  With Love, Mary.”

“Dear Santa Claus:  I would like to have a doll. Also, a small electric iron so I can help my mother. Please bring to the children who have not many things. From, Jean Buckman

“Dear Santa Claus, I have been a very good boy. I have helped my mother and my father. I want a printing set. With Love to Santa Claus, from Jack P.”

“Dear Santa: I thought I would write you a ltter. I am in third grade. I would like a doll with brown hair and a pink silk dress and a pink silk bonnet. Her name is going to be Rose Bud. I am going to get a wardrobe trunk with lots of clothes in it and I want a typewriter. Your friend, Eleanor”

“Dear Santa Claus, I hope you come down our chimney Christmas eve for I want these things, a fox play with gun, a new sled and electric train., ice skates and roller skates. Love, John A.”

“Dear Santa Claus: I am glad you are back in town at the stores. I want a doll buggy and two wheeler bike if you can bring them to me. My name is Dorothy Ann Slack. Will you come to our house Christmas eve. I am in school now. Good bye. Love, Dorothy”



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