The Coterie Club—57 Years Young

In 1955, a group of “graduating” Newcomers Club members decided they didn’t want to stop socializing just because they had reached the club’s maximum three years membership. So they formed the Coterie Club.

The term Coterie means an association of villagers. While this Western Springs organization’s activities have changed with time, the club currently sponsors such diverse events as bridge, games, book club, breakfast club, movies, gourmet luncheons, and ethnic dining.

Although designed to bring people together in a social setting, the club has always focused on supporting worthwhile causes. Starting with the pediatric section of LaGrange Memorial Hospital, the club has also contributed funds to the Thomas Ford Memorial Library, LaGrange Nursing Association. Constance Morris House, the Western Springs Paramedic program, the Western Springs Historical Society … even families and individuals who have been going through tough times.

One former member stated that she joined the group when she had three toddlers and “… needed something for me. When you have three toddlers, you begin to wonder if you can talk anything but baby talk.”

In the early days, some members even formed “The Group” to entertain at the club’s luncheons.  See third photo.

While hair styles and fashions have changed over the years, the club continues its social and philanthropic commitment, with small groups meeting monthly from September to June.    

For more information about the Coterie Club, call (708) 246-7893.

Niki Chibucos December 05, 2012 at 02:58 PM
Aging Care Connections. La Grange, is very grateful for the support we have received from the Coterie Club. Niki Chibucos Director of Development and Public Relations


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