Should Parents Have Brought Their Baby to Alinea?

Chicago chef Grant Achatz is considering banning kids from Alinea after parents brought a crying baby to the restaurant.

Chicago chef Grant Achatz tweeted that he's considering banning babies from his restaurant after a couple brought their eight month old infant to Alinea, an upscale restaurant in Lincoln Park that costs between $210 and $265 per diner, not including drinks. 

"Tbl brings 8mo. Old. It Cries. Diners mad. Tell ppl no kids? Subject diners 2crying? Ppl take infants 2 plays? Concerts? Hate saying no, but..," the chef Tweeted late last week. 

"I could hear it crying in the kitchen," Achatz told Good Morning America. "We want people to come and enjoy and experience Alinea for what it is. But we also have to be cognizant of the other 80 people that came in to experience Alinea that night."  

The couple was not asked to leave the restaurant. 

What do you think? Should babies be allowed in fancy restaurants? Weigh in in the comments below! 
NutmegMamma January 17, 2014 at 07:09 AM
If they can afford $200 dinner, then they can afford a babysitter!
John Pappas January 17, 2014 at 07:49 AM
Ha ha, Nutmeg, agree. I'm not anti baby.... I had 2 kids and enjoyed every minute of it. But that was then, and this is now-- when I dine, I only frequent establishments that cater to adults. I vote with my wallet; the chef is just looking out for his business, can you blame him?
Alvarez January 17, 2014 at 11:24 AM
I agree! If I'm going to an exclusive place to dine, I should be able to relax while I dine. NO BABIES or screaming children, Please! There are places for children where people expect children to be...children. Get a Baby-sitter! Let other diners relax and enjoy their night out!
Charlotte Eriksen January 17, 2014 at 11:29 AM
I'm going to play devil's advocate here, and here's why: I've actually been to Alinea, and this tweet doesn't surprise me. My grandparents took me there for my birthday one year with a few family members and a friend. It was a great night, but about a third of the way through the dinner, they asked us to quiet down (laugh more quietly) because the other two diners in that part of the restaurant were irritated. We weren't being rambunctious by any means, and there were quite a few other empty tables in other areas they could have seated those guys. I'd venture to say that the baby may not have been that bad, and, like in most other places, people are pretty understanding when it comes to a baby. I would guess that maybe the Alinea folks were a little quick to jump on it, based on my experience. So, Alinea folks—lighten up! (But parents, just get a sitter enjoy that amazing food!)


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