La Grange Park Nun Challenges Vatican Rebuke with Music

Sister Kathy Sherman of the Sisters of St. Joseph of La Grange defends the American nuns criticized by the Vatican in her song "Love Cannot Be Silenced."

A nun and sister of La Grange Park's Congregation of St. Joseph has responded to the Vatican's well-publicized denunciation of many American sisters with a heartfelt song that has grown in popularity, the New York Times reports.

Kathy Sherman's "Love Cannot Be Silenced" (subtitled: "The Peoples' Response to the Vatican's Investigation of U.S. Sisters") became an "anthem" this year for members of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and their supporters at vigils, the paper said.

"Rise up, sisters, rise up/and stand with your heads held high," Sherman sings in the response. "We are faithful, loving and wise/dancing along side by side/with a Gospel vision to lead us/and Holy Fire in our eyes."

According the the paper, Sherman has recorded 21 CDs of popular and folk songs, as well as liturgical music.

The Leadership Conference was reprimanded by the Vatican earlier this year for promoting "radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith."

Sherman's song can be played by clicking the YouTube video to the top right.

Read the complete story at the New York Times website.


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