Can You Identify these Western Springs Antique Autos?

Western Springs’ historical archives are loaded with great photos of antique automobiles. But, can you identify their year and make for us?

In 1900, local residents walked to downtown stores, used their horses and buggies, or had goods delivered to their homes by horse and wagon. However, as automobiles began making an appearance, villagers began investing in these “horseless carriages”.

By 1920, Western Springs’ population was 1,258. But, according to news reports from that era, there were only a “hundred or so” automobiles in town. And, while a few village streets were gravel-covered, most were simply hard packed dirt or mud, depending on the season.   

The archives of the Western Springs Historical Society contain numerous pictures of early residents enjoying these new-fangled inventions. And, considering that some of the first vehicles cost nearly as much as a new home, one can understand why they were photographed so often. But, sadly, many of the photos lack information on the year or manufacturer of the vehicles.   

So, enjoy the photos shown above and please post a comment if you can tell us the year and make of the auto. There are no prizes, but your contribution will be greatly appreciated!


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