50-Degree Days, Then Some More Flurries

The wild temperature fluctuations—and the pittance of snowfall—will continue for yet another week.

First of all, hello to everyone in La Grange and La Grange Park, and welcome to West Suburban WeatherWatch (formerly Western Springs WeatherWatch, and conveniently so renamed to avoid any laborious changes in initials!) That's right, we are now taking into account the (drastically different) weather on both sides of Gilbert Avenue. You're welcome!

And secondly, cue up the broken record: no snow. Flurries, perhaps, with the chill later in the week, but you might as well just sprinkle some rock salt on your driveway and pretend at this point. Is it tempting fate to be reminding anyone that we were supposed to be getting creamed by now?

Well, anyway, cue up some layers and enjoy your 50-degree midweek highs (but get the coat out for Thursday!) How are you feeling about the weather so far this year?

Monday: Sunny and breezy, clear in the evening. High 40s during the day; low 30s at night.

Tuesday: Sunny and clear throughout the day. Low 50s during the day; mid 30s at night.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny to partly cloudy, with a chance of rain or flurries late in the evening. Low 50s during the day; low 30s at night.

Thursday: A 30 percent chance of scattered flurries; otherwise cloudy into the night. Low 20s during the day; mid 10s at night.

Friday: Cloudy to mostly cloudy. Low 20s during the day; mid 10s at night.

Saturday: Sunny with a chance of flurries later. High 20s during the day; low 20s at night.

Sunday: Partly cloudy. High 30s during the day; mid 20s at night.


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