Where is the lucky family for this amazing dog?

Ranger is a wonderfully sweet, smart and affectionate Australian Cattle Dog/Jack Russell Terrier mix. Everyone who meets Ranger loves him and Ranger loves everyone he meets. He is 30 lbs and 2 years old. Ranger would love someone to cuddle with, jog with, play fetch with and I bet he is great at Frisbee. Ranger has a blast with his very loud squeaky toys and he will play happily with them for long periods of time all throughout the day. It delights him so we deal with the noise and enjoy watching him have fun. I will be sending his squeaky toys with him to his new home and you can see how much fun he has with them. He loves chewing on his nylabones and spends a bit of time doing that too. Ranger did not have toys to play with at his former home so he is making up for lost time. On the farm where he lived before, he had 4 acres to run around on and he loves to run. For this reason, we are asking that Ranger's new home have a fenced yard so he can run freely. He is good on a leash but would miss being able to run. He plays hard with other dogs so if you have another good-natured, hard playing dog who is his size or bigger, they might be great playmates. Ranger needs a home without cats or small critters. He is neutered, microchipped, current on all immunizations and a wellness exam is included in his adoption fee. If you are interested in this loving dog, please contact us through our website www.waifsandstraysrescue.org. and we will get back to you ASAP.


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